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Learning Something New Everyday Also Not Prioritized


Unfortunately, I have not been doing a stellar job with learning something new every day either.  The hours I have been putting in, at the office, have been longer than normal and my brain in mush when I finally get home.  I think because February is a short month and we are prepping for our audit, work has just been a bit crazier than normal.

I did learn one thing this month… Such a fail. Gosh, I hate seeing that in writing.  But the one thing I learned is that cats do recognize their name and their owner’s voice.  When they don’t respond to their owner’s calls, it’s because they are choosing not to.  This information totally solidifies that cats are jerks. 

Cats are Jerks

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I’m going to try to get back on learning something new every day this week. I actually really liked learning the unique, odd-end, random facts. It was fun. And the people in my department liked hearing them.  And I would text or chat my friends the facts.  I don’t know. It seems silly, but it’s really fun.  I want to make sure I get back on this resolution, less so because it’s a resolution, but more so because it’s enjoyable.