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Apparently, Running is a Lower Priority This Month


Running this month has NOT been going well at all. Between the crazy weather and this MBA application process, it just hasn’t been falling high in my priority totem pole.  As of last week, I have clocked 50 hours this year.  Realistically, it should be at 85 miles or so. It may not seem like a huge difference, but those 35 miles are not going to happen overnight.  That’s for sure.


I will NOT click that ‘”edit goal” button, I will not…

I realize that I need to make more of an effort to actually run 5 times a week (minimum).  And I want to be. I felt so much better in January than I have in February.  I felt more energetic, I felt thinner, and I felt like my sleep patterns (and, gross, but my bowel movements) were more regulated and predictable. I’ve been waking up a 230 in the morning almost every day and not being able to sleep for hours.  It’s so frustrating, but it doesn’t happen, when I run.

My roommate actually had a great idea for motivation.  She bought two bathing suits for the summer.  She said, she was hoping that would motivate her to work out and tone up.  I went ahead and did the same. I thought it was a great idea!  I bought two bathing suits on Amazon, on Saturday.



I’m not trying to make my body look like that – I enjoy food on the weekends a little bit too much.  But, HEY, the photos might serve as much motivation as the actual bathing suits! Winking smile

Organization Marker Board


I have not been doing a good job of being consistent with my workouts.  I have just not been making it a priority.  I decided to go to Target and buy a marker board to help me organize my workouts.  My major motivation is that I want to be happy with the way I look, when I go to Iceland.  They have geothermal pools there, and I don’t want to feel humiliated in a swimsuit.  So, ideally this board will be helpful in doing that.  It certainly was last week.



The workouts I have listed on there are my yoga classes, Jillian Michaels’ 6 Week 6 Pack, and running.  I have been doing the video and the running in the morning and yoga in the evenings.  After 1 week, I feel better.  I feel motivated.  The only workout I missed last week was 1 run and 1 video.  12/14 workouts – not bad!

This chart will be a good way to organized around other events as well.  I can work around happy hours and other activities.  I’ll use the rest of this month as a tester.

The Weight I am Talking About


So, I was teeny tiny.  I was making $7.50 an hour and buying minimal food, my last year in college.  I was running and working out.  Needless to say, lack of food and exercising translates into hot bod.  Here’s me, pre-weight gain:

Skinny Times

I guess the crazy part is that I thought I was fat at these times.  Oh, the wonders of poor self image…  Now look at me:


Collage of Weight Gain

It is time to lose this weight.  My motivation is that it took me less than a year to get thick, so it can take me less than a year not to be.  I have enrolled in Sunstone Yoga for evening regiments, and I will be running mornings for that major cardio burn.  I HATE the way I look, and I won’t tolerate it anymore.  I want better than this for myself.