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So, last Thursday, I got great news.  I got into the UT evening MBA program!  I had missed a call from Sharon, the woman I had interviewed with and saw at brunch.  I called her back and it went to voicemail.  I started chatting coworkers and asking what they would be calling about. No one knew really, but all guesses were something about admissions.  She called me back around 11AM.  “Well, I am calling with good news! You should be receiving notification any day that you are into the program.” I thanked her and was almost in tears about it.  She gave me some details about the program, told me to join the Facebook page for the class, and that I needed to submit a $2000 deposit to the university.

I am so freaking happy! I called my mum and my dad.  My dad was just thrilled.  And my dad does not drop f-bombs, but his exact words were, “out-fucking-standing.” My mum said, I gave her goose bumps.  I told my sister Friday.  And, like all other people my age would, I posted it on my Facebook wall.  The results were awesome.  People came up to me all day at the office to high five me and gives me hugs.


I got to celebrate that night, during Austin’s Startup Pubcrawl.  Startup companies open their doors to anyone who wants to come in and have a drink.  So, that was really fun!

My friend Justin was chatting with me on Friday.  And he reminded me how awesome getting in is.


Man, what a relief! It was such an awesome feelings and I will be soaking up this feeling for a long time to come.  I am a Longhorn, baby, I am a Longhorn!

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