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Rethinking the Bicycle Thing


So, I have made zero progress in buying a bicycle (wow, this is like the walk of shame week with posts).  I look at the bicycle resolution like I look at the Chicago resolution.  Once the ticket is purchased, it’s pretty much a done deal.  Once the bicycle is purchased, resolution accomplished.  Not really anything crazy to work up to.

Two things are making me rethink the bicycle thing.  The first revolves around Austin’s implementation of new bike rental centers throughout the city.  It is called Austin Bcycle.  There are kiosks all over downtown, for renting a bicycle and returning it to a different kiosks.  

Austin Bcycle

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While there are no convenient locations for my current location right now, there are more coming.


One block up from my apartment

So, this whole system seems like much less of a hassle than owning a bike.  I can either choose to buy a year membership for $80.00 or I can just pay as I go.  Although this will be more expensive than buying a bike long-term, buying a bike just might not be necessary.

My second reason totally reverses this whole desire to bike at all.  I walked to my UT interview last Friday.  And, as I was walking home, during the rush hour traffic at 430, I saw a gentleman, who was not wearing a helmet, fly off of his bicycle.  He literally flew over the handlebars and fell on his back.  At first, I couldn’t process what had happened.  I thought he hit a curb and ate it after the mishap.  But a car had hit him.  I am glad that he was okay. He was limping a bit, but no blood or anything.  And then I encountered the awkward aftermath.  The woman who hit him was older and was saying, she hadn’t seen him and she was sorry. And there was the typical third party person, who was obviously concerned, but also overstepping his role in the incident – shoving the woman away from the injured man and yelling at her.  It was just really uncomfortable. 

Initially, I was thinking I needed a bicycle for when I got into school, because I would be walking from work, which is 0.8 miles, and then to the university, which is another 1.2 miles.  It’s just a long walk and it really is a time killer.  But I would be riding a bike around 5PM, in the craziness of rush hour… I don’t know that I am a confident enough biker, to do that.  It’ll definitely be something I will mull around with it a bit.

Ultimately, I just might not need the bicycle.  I might have this other option, which would be awesome!