Would it shock you, if I said that this was one of the top ten resolutions people have each year?  I figured it wouldn’t, but it’s still a cool stat.

Of course, I want to read more.  My GMAT scores are suffering from reading comprehension.  I feel uniformed from not reading through a newspaper or some articles once in awhile.  Reading more can help with both of these, and it’s something I would enjoy.  I read all of the time in middle school and high school.  And even in college, I was reading through books all summer and occasionally in evenings, furing the school year.  It’s an enjoyable practice. You’re entertained, and you’re doing something good for yourself.

I need to find a way to work this into my weekly schedule.  I envision myself on a little couch on my patio, with a Kindle, reading away.  Doesn’t that sound nice?  I want that, and I will achieve this rather simple goal.

**Progress & Tidbits** 

3/8/2013: Kindle: Because I Want to be Addicted to Reading


3/17/2013: Look What Came In the Mail

Kindle Came

4/8/2013: Book Review: Hunger Game Trilogy

The Hunger Games Page Lisiting

4/17/2013: Book Review: The 5 Love Languages

5 Languages of Love

4/26/2013: Book Review: Gone Girl: The Novel

Gillian Flynn - read more page

5/6/2013: Book Review: The Storyteller

The Storyteller

6/20/2013: Book Review: Wool

Wool - page

6/24/2013: Book Review: Six Years

Six Years Link Reference

8/26/2013: Book Review: Murder in the Yoga Store

murder in the yoga store - page

8/28/2013: Book Review: INFJ: Portrait of an INFJ



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