My seventh goal this year is to knock 10 things off “The List.”  But I’ve never really clarified what The List is.  The List originated, when my boyfriend and I were being suggested a bunch of different things to do in Austin (or nearby).  We wanted to do these recommended activities and go to these restaurants, but we could never remember all of them.  So, I started a list.  I grabbed a piece of notebook paper and a pen and started this laundry list of things to do and places to eat.  I keep it in my wallet.  Every time we do something on the list, I cross it off and date it. 

I want this to be a resolution, because these are things I want to do, so hopefully, having them as a resolution will help me remember to do them.  We knocked a lot of things off in 2012, and I want to keep trucking along with that.  Below is list, in case your curious. Smile


**Progress & Tidbits** 

2/1/2013: #1 and #2 Checked Off “The List” [Jester King Brewery]

Jester King

2/1/2013: #1 and #2 Checked Off “The List” [Bike Ride Pub Crawl]

Bike Ride Pub Crawl

2/25/2013: #3 Off The List: Swift’s Attic

Another Swift

8/25/2013: #4 Off the List: Little Woodrow’s Turtle Racing



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