So, branching from my second resolution, I haven’t been many places.  But there are plenty of places nearby that are very inexpensive for me to fly.  For example, Austin to Denver, $120 after taxes and fees.  That’s insanely low!  And with great websites like AirBNB, I don’t even have to dish out on places to stay.

My boyfriend and I were just messing around on the web again.  We saw a couple of nearby regions that were fairly inexpensive.  I don’t remember why, but the next thing I knew, we were talking about Seattle.  I think I liked that it was near the water.  We did our due diligence, and the place checked out.  Lots of activities and places to check out. 

Our tickets are purchased.  We will be flying out there at the end of March.  I already booked the place we are staying.  AirBNB to the rescue!  I found an apartment rental, for $65 per night that’s a 5 minute walking distance from anything you’d want to see out there.  I am so excited! 

In other words, this resolution is well on it’s way to being accomplished!

**Progress & Tidbits**

2/26/2013: Plans for Seattle

Seattle Main Page

3/20/2013: 1 Week Until Seattle

Orange Border

4/3/2013: Seattle: Day (or Should I Say, “Evening”) 1

First Night

Seattle: Day 2

Day 1

Seattle: Day 3

Day 3

Seattle: Day 4

Day 4 and Leaving


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