Oh man… I could write a freaking book on this one.  I moved to Austin at 120 lbs.  I fell in love with all of the food, minimized running, and drank beer like it was going out of style.  Now, on a good day, I am 135 lbs.  I literally celebrate (usually with a heavy meal).

I have a whole year to get down to 123.  It’s super attainable, and it’s my healthy weight.  If I am consistently working out, I should be able to get there by July.  I guess, the trick is maintaining it, which I seem to have trouble with.  I’ll be doing some serious revamping of my workout schedule and trying to stick to it.  Once I get in the habit of it or start seeing results, I could keep it up.  It’s just getting to that point.

**Progress & Tidbits** 

2/24/2013: The Weight I am Talking About

Weight Gain

4/16/2013: Organization Marker Board

Marker Board

4/29/2013: Pulling Jillian from the Workouts

Jillian Michaels Framed

5/1/2013: The Spartan Race

S Race 3


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