Applying to business school is a hassle.  There is no way around it.  I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Finance degree in the summer of 2011.  I moved to Austin 1 week later.  I knew it would be at least a year of settling in.  I had planned on going back to school in fall 2012.  But, of course, time slips by.  I was meeting friends, I was working, and I was unfocused. 

In order to start making a move in the right direction, I took  a GMAT prep course.  It was from Sept-Nov, Saturday from 1-4PM.  It was rough, but EXTREMELY helpful.  I took the exam in January, but didn’t hit quite what I needed to.  I am planning on taking it again in March. 

In addition, I have been trying to add extracurricular activities to my schedule, to add to my resume.  You also need to collect letters of recommendation  and write essays.  It’s just a big production. 

But, I really want it.  I am in a Marketing department right now.  It doesn’t suit me at all.  I am a numbers girl, super analytical.  I want to go back and get my Accounting degree.  I think that’s something I could expand on and really enjoy.  I am a workhorse – I love cranking out one thing after another.  I need to look at business school as a path to a happier life, not a chore.  If I do, I know I will crank this out.

**Progress & Tidbits** 

5/2/2013: GMAT Next Tuesday

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5/16/2013: GMAT Results + More

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12/29/2013: GMAT: 640

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