I am not sure how to start an explanation on this one, so I will just say, Iceland is awesome.  How  did Iceland get chosen?  My boyfriend and I were hanging out one morning, messing around on the internet.  We were discussing vacations and affordable places.  Kayak has this great map that tells you where you can fly for how much.  We were perusing through the areas.  Iceland said, $740.  Extremely reasonable, right?  So, we looked it up on Frommers.  To say the least, PLENTY to do there – lots of activities.  Neither one of us is really a sip-cocktails-on-a-beach type of person.  Of course, absolutely nothing against those people; I am from South Florida (fairly used to tropical climate and booze) and he needs to be worn out with activities.  Iceland definitely had caught our attention.

We both began regularly searching tours and things to do out there.  It became a borderline obsession.  What an interesting place, with such great tourist trips and accommodations.  People speak English there, so no language barrier (although, I’ll probably try to learn some basics beforehand). Needless, to say by this point, we are totally set on Iceland.

But why does that make this it “resolution worthy?”  There are a couple of reasons I rank this as a resolution.  First off, I didn’t want this vacation to slip away.  I am constantly reminding myself of my resolutions, so it helps me keep it in my head.  In addition, I haven’t been a ton of places (granted, I’m 24, but still).  The only places I have been, aside from places I have lived, are New York, Bahamas (hop, skip, and jump away from South Florida), and Canada (my entire family is out there, so I’ve been visiting there since I was young).  Other than that, nothing, unless you want to count my one night stay in Louisiana, when I was moving out to Austin (I don’t count it, but you can, if you’d like).  I want to go to another country, and I don’t think Mexico is going to cut it.  I wanted to go somewhere most people don’t that is attainable on my salary.  This place just seems so exciting!  And I am happy to say, at this point in time, the tickets are purchased.  We are going to ICELAND!

**Progress & Tidbits** 

2/23/2013: Why Iceland: Minimal Words

Why Iceland

3/9/2013: Learning Icelandic


4/18/2013: First Day Trip Booked in Iceland

1st Day trip

4/21/2013: Day Trip #2 Booked (Sorry, I am excited)

Day Trip #2

6/10/2013: Iceland: First Two Days of Travel

First two days of travel

6/11/2013: Day 1 in Iceland

Day 1 in Iceland

6/12/2013: Day 2 in Iceland

Day Trip #1

6/15/2013: Day 3 in Iceland

South Coast Tour

6/16/2013: Day 4 in Iceland

Day 4 in Iceland

6/17/2013: Day 5 in Iceland

Day 5 in Iceland

6/18/2013: Day 6 in Iceland

Day Fuck

6/19/2013: Day 7 in Iceland

Inside the Volcano

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