This falls along the same scope of wanting to lose weight.  Eating out has caused me to gain weight.  But, in addition, I always feel better and lighter, when I eat home-cooked meals.  Even if it’s just a pot of Ramon Noodles, I am better off versus destroying some restaurant’s burger.  My eating has gotten to the point of being out of control.  I think I can chalk that up to happy hours.  You have a few cocktails and the next thing you know, you’re craving a pizza.

I want to save money and want to be thin.  This goal will help me achieve those and make me feel physically better. It’s a no brainer.

**Progress & Tidbits** 

3/3/2013: Nixing Happy Hours


4/22/2013: Lean Cuisine and Soup: An Easy Weekday Solution

Pre Packaged Meals

4/30/2013: Successful Meal Week

Framed Uncle Billy's

6/22/2013: In-House Chef? Yes, Please!

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