I used to have a lot of money in a savings account.  It was GREAT!  $10,000 set aside by age 21, and I never had to worry about not making ends meet.  I owe a huge thank you to my lovely parents, who taught me how important it was to save and not spend everything. 

But, of course, this situation didn’t last forever.  I lost a restaurant job in college and took up an internship.  I went from making $35,000+ per year in a restaurant, to $7.50 an hour (shakes out to about $12,000 per year).  Living on my own and having an abundance of bills coming in drained my account quick.  My parents helped me out, but, ultimately, to live comfortably, have fun with friends, and pay for gas (a grueling 2 hours daily, between school and the job), I dwindled those savings down to $2,000 in one year.

2 years later, I feel like I still can’t recover.  My budgeting is all off.  I was busy building my social life, after moving here, to Austin, and trying out new fun things and eating out all of the time.  I just spend, spend, spend.  I want $5,000 saved up not just to have that cushion, but to also reteach myself what budgeting is.  You see, budgeting is kind of like my workout schedules: I plan them out, but I don’t really stick to it.  It’s time to nail this down and make it happen.


**Progress & Tidbits** 

3/18/2013: Financial Timeline


4/23/2013: Getting Closer to That June Marker

Money money money

8/27/2013: Failed Re$olution

New Apartment

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