Chicago AirBNB Rental Booked


We are into the 70s tomorrow for days until Chicago.  I just booked our AirBNB rental this weekend.  I am super excited to be staying downtown and looking forward to exploring the city!


Only $400 for 3 nights – AirBNB guys, not going to get that price at a downtown hotel


Bedroom 2



Living Room



My Parents, My Backbone


I haven’t really been keeping track of telling people once a week how amazing they are.  Instead, I have been just trying to make sure I tell people regularly.  I actually did tell my parents about 2 or 3 weeks ago about how I felt about their guidance.

Recently, my parents have been helping me with my essays for grad school.  My dad works insane hours and my mother is equally busy in her day-to-day activities, so I really can’t express how grateful I am that they took time aside for my application.

I decided one night to send them a letter, telling them how awesome their help has been, not just now, but my entire life.  I told them, they were my backbone and heroes.  I thanked them for giving me every opportunity to succeed and setting me up for success.  They really are incredible people.  They have shaped my personality, my career goals, and my ambition in general.  And I just couldn’t be more happy about it.

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Sorry I Have Been Kind of MIA


I have not been posting nearly as much as I would like to.  I have been working on my b-school application for UT, and it’s been pretty hectic in the office.  I got my letters of recommendation in from both of my referrers.  The major issue I am having in the muse with the essays.  While I have wrapped up the one about areas that might concern the university, I have gotten through much on the other two essays.  It’s just hard to put on paper what I want to show people.

The essays are solid though.  I get to answer a question about unique characteristics that set me apart from others.  What a fantastic question! I guess I am still unsure what area I want to reveal about myself.  Do I go into a story about the drastic changes I have had in my personality since I have moved to Austin ( I am incredibly much more outgoing) or do I talk about how I am a creative problem solver in the workplace?  What do I need these people know to consider me?  See, that muse just isn’t ringing through.  But hopefully, I will be done with this application soon, so I can go full blown into this blog and my resolutions again =)


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First Photo Event


I had the opportunity last weekend to take some photos at our Startup Games.  It was a very fun, silly event.  The Startup Games are an event where 16 startup companies get together and compete in games.  The games include pop-a-shot, beer pong, flip cup, ping pong, and many others.  Our company placed second in the games. Here are some of the photos.


Our competitors in Accounting for Flip Cup – looking tough






Prepping for the games


And it’s so unfortunate that I fell asleep during this photo… The Accounting & Finance team

Get event! Had a blast!

Juicing So Hard


My juicer I got for Christmas arrived two weeks ago.  It is super easy to use.  I was eager to get some recipes, so I could actually make something tasty.  My first concoction was less than desirable.  I guess you’re supposed to take the peel off of a grapefruit or your stomach is going to be super unimpressed and will retaliate your decision to punish it.

I started perusing some recipe books on Amazon.  I came across “A Beginner’s Guide to Juicing.”  It seemed like a good fit for me – a beginner juicer.  The booked arrived earlier last week.  I started reading through the introduction.  It’s very interesting.  They explain juicing, the different fruits and vegetables and what they are good for, and then the recipes are broken out by their different target goals – weight loss, beauty, health problems, etc.  It’s a very easy book to follow.  I am extremely pleased, although I have not tried any of the recipes yet.


I went through and marked a bunch of recipes I wanted to try.  I just need to get to the grocery store.  They recommend organic fruit for everything, which makes sense, but is also a bit of a hassle.  But, hey, if you’re going to go in, go all of the way in.


This is definitely my first major attempt at eating smart this year.  I am hoping to do a juice in the morning and a juice in the evening – replace two of my meals.  These drinks are loaded with nutrients and hopefully are absolutely delicious. 

Week 3: An Alternative to Telling Someone How Much They Mean to Me


Last week, I was at a company wine class.  It’s a fun intimate setting, only a small amount of people can come.  It’s a cool way to get to know people you normally wouldn’t at the company.

I was sitting next to one of our more senior developers.  We were chatting about this and that.  He brought up my friend, Taylor, who I had worked with at my previous company.  I adore Taylor, because he helped me get this job at my current company.  He essentially got me my dream job.  The developer started talking about Taylor in a very positive light.  “Taylor has just got a great energy.  He is always so positive, and he knows how to do his job and do it well. I love having him on the team.”

Not everyone has a resolution to let people know how awesome they are, so I figured this message about Taylor would probably never get relayed to him.  I decided to make sure I let him know.  I got to work the next day and messaged him all of the kind things the highly-regarded developer said about him. Taylor was very appreciative and said, he loves hearing stuff like that and thanked me for the message.

I have been trying to do this for awhile (pre-2014), but when someone says something nice about someone else, it’s good to relay the message to said person.  People always like to hear that when they are not around, people are still admiring them.


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