UT Interview


Look what showed up in my inbox last week!


I was thrilled! I forwarded the email to everyone who has been supporting me.  I set up an interview for this Friday. I took the day off to clear my head and focus on the major goal of the day – rockin’ that interview. 

In order to prep, I reached out to two of my coworkers that were accepted into the university in the fall.  I asked if they would mind me picking their brain a bit about the interview and getting their perspective on it.  Both gentlemen were very gracious and agreed meet (enticing them with free coffee / lunch Winking smile).

In addition, my friend Jeremy said he would gladly do a mock interview, to help me prep, which everyone has recommended me do.  I think that’ll be a great way to practice my answers and create a solid image of who I am, during this hour long interview.  I’ve also been sent a bunch of typical interview questions asked by b-schools.  Reviewing these and thinking about answers, again, will be a great way to create my image.

Super excited, guys! Sitting here typing this, I have a huge smile plastered across my face.  It’s just so exciting to think this is all hopefully getting ready to fall into place. =)


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