Well, shouldn’t we all be doing a little more of this?  I hold onto things forever.  I am a total grudge holder, and it is such an unattractive quality.  When I come home from work, I shouldn’t spend hours stewing over something that pissed me off at the office.  Instead of letting things fester, I need to either address them or let them die. 

That notebook that I will be using for learning something new everyday, will also be used for this resolution.  If something bothers me, I am going to jot it down.  At the end of the week, I am going to rip out the page, with all of life’s little complaints, read it for one last time, and set it on fire.  I am going to release those negative feelings into the atmosphere.  Sure, it sounds a little new agey, but I want a tangible process to let go of these things.


**Progress & Tidbits**

1/14/2014 – The Ritual for “Things That Don’t Matter”

The Burning


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