Running is the form of exercise I choose over most. I feel accomplished after a good long run.  I burn a ton of calories and tend to tone up a lot, when I run consistently.  Every year, since I started running, I always taper off from being consistent.  I’ll have a bad month, a bad six months, or I’ll run the first 3 days in the week and not the rest.  The 1,000 mile goal is to ensure consistency.  In order to reach that  goal, I would have to be running regularly.

I am going to track my running through  That will be an easy way to make sure I am on track with miles.  Hopefully, if I fall off the horse, I will just hop right back on.  


**Progress & Tidbits**

1/12/2014 – First Week of Miles

Week 1

2/24/2014 – Apparently, Running is a Lower Priority This Month

Running Priority


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